Sustainability Promotion System

Sustainability Promotion System
Human Resources Management System
  • Group Human Resources Committee

    The Nichirei Group regards its employees as invaluable assets, and has established the Group Human Resources Committee as an advisory body to the president. With the basic policy of promoting employee-focused workplaces, diversity and health management, the committee oversees the personnel policies and health management measures of Group companies, shares useful measures, and promotes their implementation across the Group. This will lead to the creation of new value for customers through improved employee job satisfaction.

    Chair: Representative Director, President
    Frequency of meetings: Twice a year
    Discussion topics: Personnel policies, education and training, occupational health and safety, health promotion, etc.

  • Diversity Promotion Council

    We have established the Diversity Promotion Council as a subsidiary organization of the Human Resources Committee. It studies and oversees measures taken by all companies in the Nichirei Group, particularly initiatives related to job satisfaction, diverse work styles, and the human rights of all employees. These measures include support for women’s success in the workplace, employment of foreign nationals, accommodation of work styles suited to different life stages and age groups, as well as employment of, and cooperation with, people with disabilities.

Corporate Governance Framework