Human Resources-Related Policies

Human Resources

Human Resources Are Critical to Our Sustainability Policy

  • They are key to helping us support good eating habits and health in order to make society sustainable
  • Through diversity and motivation, they boost the Group’s development
  • Their strategies, linked to those of management, underpin the social value of our human resources and promote behavioral change

Group Human Resources Policy

■Encourage empathy; use business to resolve social issues

Develop proactive human resources by aligning employee aspirations with the Group’s targeted social impact, based on the idea that food connects people.

■Generate value by linking knowledge, digital technologies

Create an organization that contributes to good eating habits and health by incorporating a range of perspectives, as well as using data and digital technologies in response to environmental change.

■Cultivate a safe, secure corporate culture to tackle challenges

Communicate work-related ideas, develop mutual trust, and cultivate a corporate culture that can tackle challenges without fear of failure.

Health Management Policy

Nichirei Group Health Declaration

Creating Savory Moments. With that core value deep in our hearts, every single person who works at Nichirei Group will strive for good health maintenance.

Basic Policy

  1. We will promote the creation of a workspace that has a lively cooperation between labor and management, based on the ideal that states that good work has its basis in a healthy mind and body.
  2. Each of our employees will work hard to increase his/her health awareness, and will take an active role in creating a work environment that promotes good health.
  3. We will strive for health management based on the three pillars of “health maintenance and improvement,” “mental health measures,” and “safety and hygiene control.”