Sustainability Policy: The Nichirei Pledge

The Nichirei Group is committed to resolve social issues and create new value through its business activities, which include the procurement, production, logistics and sale of food, while considering the impact of those activities on the global environment and local communities and respect for human rights. We publicly disclose the details of these activities to promote stakeholder dialogue and increase transparency. Furthermore, we work to create more sustainable communities by fulfilling our responsibilities as a company that supports good eating habits and health.

Creating new value We constantly strive to create new products and services, while pursuing business activities that help solve issues faced by our customers and communities.
Safe, high-quality products and services We continuously work to earn the trust of our customers and communities by meeting diverse demands as well as offering safe, stable, and high-quality supply.
Sustainable supply chain and circular economy We aim to realize an ethical and sustainable supply chain as well as a circular economy by building enduring and positive partnerships, while considering the environment, human rights and working conditions.
Climate change initiatives and biodiversity conservation We strive to preserve the global environment and biodiversity by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and managing food and water resources appropriately.
Cooperative relationship with communities We work to develop our communities and resolve social issues as a responsible corporate citizen by engaging in dialogue and close cooperation with our stakeholders.
Diversity and decent work We respect the diversity of our employees, and strive to ensure occupational health and safety, provide fair treatment and opportunities for personal development, and continuously improve the workplace to enable every employee to thrive.
Good corporate governance We are committed to employing highly transparent and fair management practices through stakeholder dialogue and information disclosure, while striving for appropriate resource allocation and swift management decisions.
Thorough compliance We engage only in honest corporate activities that comply with the laws and regulations of each country in which we operate, respecting international norms of behavior and ensuring sound corporate ethics.
Translations of the Sustainability Policy (PDF)