The Nichirei Pledge Working to Make Our Communities More Sustainable

The Nichirei Pledge

Working to Make Our Communities More Sustainable

As a group of companies that provide value in the fields of food and health, the Nichirei Group strives to help communities solve the issues they face while creating new value for customers through its business activities. The Group gives full consideration to the economic, social, and environmental impact of its endeavors, and publicly discloses the details of its businesses to its stakeholders, in order to gain their understanding and promote further dialogue.

Create new value for customers
We strive to create new products and services, while helping customers and communities solve various issues through our business activities.

Provide safe products and services

Maintain a sustainable supply chain

Reduce environmental impact

Foster cooperative relations with communities

We ensure that everything we offer our customers is characterized by high quality and safety.
We work to ensure that our supply chain is sustainable.
We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, while giving full consideration to their potential effects on the global environment.
As a responsible corporate citizen, we foster close cooperation with local communities in the interests of the public good.
Continually enhance our workplaces
While promoting respect for the diversity of our employees, we continuously improve the workplace environment to enable every employee to make the most of his or her abilities and work with enthusiasm.
Support good corporate governance
We employ highly transparent, fair management practices, while ensuring that resources are properly allocated and management decisions are made in a timely manner.
Ensure strict compliance
We maintain high ethical standards, while complying with the laws and social norms of each country in which the Nichirei Group operates.

CSR Structure

CSR Structure