Nichirei Foods Inc. (Processed Foods Business)

Nichirei Foods Inc. (Processed Foods Business)


By intimately following the way people live, we provide foods that ensure a healthier, more satisfying world.


We are increasingly perfecting our skills in order to create new value and establish Nichirei as the world’s most trusted name in foods.

  • To Customers and Business Partners
    We approach each customer and partner with honesty and sincerity, to deliver products and services of unique value.
  • To Employees
    We provide a healthy, transparent workplace to ensure open and dynamic communication.
  • To Society and Investors
    We seek to build a global company on a foundation of trust and admiration.

Business Overview

Nichirei Foods provides frozen foods for household and commercial use, retort pouch foods and wellness food products that showcase its distinctive product development and quality assurance capabilities.
Chicken, rice, vegetables and spring rolls account for a large share of our domestic sales of frozen foods for both household and commercial use. With the demand limited for commercial-use frozen foods, products for the home meal replacement market and ready-made meals account for a high proportion of domestic sales. Overseas, we are focusing on the development and sale of Asian food-made products in North America.
With people’s livelihoods in mind, we implement initiatives to foster healthy societies through our food products.


We are a pioneer in the frozen foods industry and have a major share of the domestic market, due to our overarching strengths. These strengths are:

  • Our product development capabilities and product lineup
  • Proprietary flavor-reproduction technology, resulting from our R&D and production expertise
  • Cost competitiveness, resulting from our industry-leading production capacity
  • An organizational structure that enables us to respond to a wide range of customer needs

Mainstay Products

Company Profile

Manufacturing, processing, and sales of frozen, retort packaged, and canned foods, as well as packaged ice and other products
Head Office
Nichirei Higashi-Ginza Building
6-19-20 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8402 Japan
TEL (+81-3)3248-2298
Director, President
Masahiko Takenaga
Established January 5, 2005
Net sales (consolidated) 275.7 billion yen (fiscal year ended March 31, 2023)
Group Companies 6 companies in Japan, 11 companies overseas, and Nichirei Technology Development Center (R&D Department)
9,496 persons (1,905 in Japan, 7,591 overseas) ( as of March 31, 2023)
Food Production Factories Food production factories: 15 factories in Japan, 5 factories overseas
Main Production Facilities Mori Plant, Shiroishi Factory, Yamagata Factory, Funabashi Factory, Kansai Factory, Kyurei Inc., CHUREI, Co. Ltd., GFPT Nichirei (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Surapon Nichirei Foods Co., Ltd.