Message from the President

Message from the President

On December 1, 2020, we celebrated Nichirei’s 75th anniversary. Prior to that, when I had been appointed president in April 2019, I had announced our aim to be a Company that remains in business for the next 100 years.

At the time, we formulated long -term management goals to be realized by 2030. As part of this process, we identified materiality issues affecting the Nichirei Gorup based on major changes in the business environment, as well as on risks and opportunities.

In addition to addressing materiality, we will be conducting three three-year medium-term business plans. The current plan runs from FY2023(ended on March 31,2023) through FY2025(ending March 31,2025), and is to be followed by two more plans, all of whichi will help us attain our long-term management goals by 2023.

Involving a broad variety of foodstuffs, our business activities incur wide-ranging social responsibilities that link the Group's sustainable growth to the realization of a sustainable society. We aim to achieve further Group growth by accelerating sustainability transformation, whichi will enable us to help resolve social issues while achieving business growth.

As we face society and take on challenges without fear of failure, we shall continue to support people’s good eating habits over the long term.

Kenya Okushi

Representative Director, President&Chief Executive Officer
Nichirei Corporation