In June 2020, Nichirei identified five material matters fitting its concept of materiality through which it would realize its vision regarding long-term management goals for 2030. All officers, including outside directors, participated in the process.
Viewing rising expectations for the realization of a sustainable society as a business opportunity, Nichirei will work with stakeholders to resolve social issues and enhance corporate value. To do so, we will continue to formulate goals (measures and KPIs) that link Group strategies and business strategies.

We will leverage our strengths as we develop business in fields that support good eating habits and health and work on the following five material matters.

Material Matter Group Ideal Mode
Creating new value in food and health Create new markets and customer value by taking on challenges outside existing areas in both food and health
Strengthening food processing and production technology capabilities; enhancing logistics services Further refine core competencies in food processing, production and logistics to resolve social issues and improve profitability through competitive advantages in global markets
Realizing sustainable food procurement and resources recycling Resolving various social issues related to the supply chain, which is the foundation of our business, and contribute to sustainable food procurement and the realization of a recycling-based society
Climate change initiatives As a food and logistics company that is greatly affected by climate change, we will work with stakeholders to counter global warming and reduce energy consumption throughout the supply chain
Securing and developing a diverse array of human resources Secure and develop a diverse array of human resources and foster an inclusive corporate culture to achieve sustainable growth

Nichirei will cultivate new business areas through innovation, further develop its core processed food and logistics businesses, and strengthen material procurement, which is essential if the supply of commercial products is to be stable.
Because we have designated initiatives related to climate change as being material matters, we have endorsed the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and will apply this framework to our activities. In addition, to promote these efforts we will incorporate and implement specific measures to develop a personnel system and corporate culture that allow a range of human resources to play an active role.

Notice Regarding the Designation of Important Items (Materiality) for Realizing Long-term Management Goals(June 24, 2020)PDF