Long-term Management Goals toward 2030

The prospect of a significant decline in the Japanese population presents concerns over the likelihood of a dwindling domestic consumer market. However, new demand will likely arise from the growing need to save time and the diversification of consumption patterns, resulting from changes in family composition and lifestyles. Outside of Japan, the frozen foods and logistics markets are poised to expand, supported by an increasing consumer orientation toward health and high quality, combined with population growth and progress in development of refrigeration infrastructure in emerging countries.
Meanwhile, expectations and demands toward companies will undoubtedly become more diversified and sophisticated toward realizing a sustainable community. In consideration of this business environment, we have formulated a vision toward 2030 based on the new Nichirei Management Principles.

Vision toward 2030

The Company will promote innovation to create new value that solves the problems of customers and society, and to contribute to people’s good dietary life and health. In the domestic operations, we aim to firmly establish ourselves as the most profitable company in the processed foods and logistics businesses, by providing higher added value and maximizing capital efficiency. In the overseas operations, we target an overseas sales ratio of 30 %, particularly through M&A and alliances to expand scale and operating area. In addition, we look to establish new earnings pillars by creating new businesses.

Consolidated Target Figures

Net sales 1 trillion yen
Overseas sales ratio 30 %
Operating profit/Net Sales 8 %
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In June 2020, Nichirei identified five material matters fitting its concept of materiality through which it would realize its vision regarding long-term management goals for 2030.
We will continue to formulate goals (measures and KPIs) that link Group strategies and business strategies.

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