Human Rights

The Nichirei Group Human Rights Policy

Under the Nichirei Group’s corporate vision of “continuing to support good eating habits and health by leveraging our state-of-the-art manufacturing practices that optimize nature’s bounty, along with our leading-edge logistics services,” we create new customer value and contribute to finding solutions to challenges facing our society, in an effort to be an indispensable member of society

Recognizing that our business processes may have direct or indirect effect on human rights, we have established the Nichirei Group Human Rights Policy (hereafter referred to as the “policy”), based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This policy guides us in our efforts to fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights of all stakeholders of our business

Promoting respect for human rights across the supply chain

Throughout the Nichirei Group, close attention is given to the human rights of employees and all individuals involved in the supply chain. In an effort to make its supply chain sustainable, the Group established the Nichirei Group Sustainable Supply Chain Policy in April 2017.

The human rights section of the policy states: “We respect human rights and provide safe, healthy work environments.” By requiring all of its suppliers to comply with the policy, the Nichirei Group is working to eliminate various kinds of harassment, child labor, and discrimination against women and people with disabilities. While procuring goods and services from its suppliers, Group encourages them to understand its policy and cooperate in putting it into practice.

Respecting the human rights of all employees

The Nichirei Group has begun holding workshops for section managers to raise their awareness of the need for compliance. The goals of the seminars are to reaffirm the Group's stance on the rights of employees along with the significance and necessity of ensuring compliance.

In fiscal 2016, a total of 104 section managers working at head office participated in the workshops, during which the participants discussed their role-which includes the prevention of harassment-as Group leaders to ensure and promote compliance.

In addition, e-learning training sessions were held 12 times during fiscal 2016, to educate personnel based on the Group's relevant in-house rules. Training covered a variety of topics, including compliance with competition laws, prevention of bribery and corruption, as well as prevention of harassment.

The Nichirei Group will provide compliance-related training while striving to continue placing importance on human rights.

Labor union activities; labor-management cooperation

In order to support the sound development of the Nichirei Group, the Nichirei Labor Union strives to ensure that the individual rights of every union member are respected, based on the principle of equality among members of labor and management, as well as its vision for creating a workplace environment with mutual incentives to work.

The union's activities place importance on labor-management negotiations, narrowing down the demands of its members in the workplace and pushing for improvements, while maintaining a productive relationship with management.

Both union and management are working together to establish a framework to ensure respect for human rights and strict compliance with laws and regulations. The goals are to ensure safety, increase job satisfaction, and help both union members and employees maintain good mental and physical health.