Social Media Policy

Social media platforms enable an unspecified number of users to communicate with each other, based on individual submissions using the internet and online technologies. The Nichirei Corporation thus stipulates that the following points be observed in the management of official social media accounts.

Basic Policy

Nichirei Group employees who use social media to communicate with stakeholders should bear in mind the need to:

  • Maintain a constant awareness of the Nichirei Group management principles and brand statement
  • Comply with laws, Company regulations and the Nichirei Group Code of Conduct
  • Respect different views without disrespecting others
  • Always maintain self-discipline and, as a sensible member of society, avoid deviating from sound social common sense

Understanding Social Media Characteristics

Nichirei Group employees act in accordance with the following understanding of social media.

  • Information distributed via the internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users
  • Once sent, information can never be completely deleted
  • It is possible that one may be a target of online crime, such as spoofing and tampering
  • Erroneous information or content that is inappropriate for dissemination through an official social media account affects the reputation of the Nichirei Group
  • Careful attention must be paid to what others are posting
  • One should be willing to engage the great potential of social media
  • A prompt apology should be extended, and any erroneous information or misleading expressions immediately corrected

Use of Social Media

Separate guidelines have been set up regarding employee management of social media in an official capacity, and personal use of social media.

Employees managing social media in an official capacity study a basic social media curriculum that is applicable both within and outside the Company, and make an effort to continue learning.

For Social Media Users

Due to the nature of social media, there is no guarantee that information disseminated through social media is accurate or complete.   Official announcements and points of view expressed by the Nichirei Corporation and Nichirei Group companies are posted in the “Notices,” “News” and “Investor Relations Information” sections of the Nichirei Group website, so please refer to those pages.

The method of communication (availability of information, formats, response times, etc.) differs according to each social media account. Please refer to the following for details on the management of each of these accounts.

Moreover, the Nichirei Group accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of social media.

Contact Us

The Nichirei Corporation Public Relations handles inquiries regarding the Nichirei Corporation’s social media policy and social media usage. Please contact the department as follows.