Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to questions frequently asked by our customers. Please review this information before making an inquiry.

About Business Performance and Financial Information

QWhen is your fiscal year end?
AThe fiscal year ends on March 31st each year.
Please see the IR Calendar to confirm the annual schedule for financial results announcement and other events.
QHow do I find the latest financial results announcement?
AClick here for the latest financial results announcement.
QI want to know the planned date of your earnings announcement.
APlease see the IR Calendar to confirm the planned date of financial results announcements.

About Nichirei Stock

QWhat is your TSE code?
QWhen is the shareholder settlement date for dividend payment?
AThe date for profit dividends is March 31st and the interim dividend is September 30th.
QDo you have a shareholder benefits program?
AAs announced on February 2, 2010, we have abolished the shareholder benefit program with the implementation in June 2009.
QWhat is the share trading unit?
A100 shares.
At the 98th Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting held on June 22, 2016, approval to amend the Articles of Incorporation was received, changing the number of shares constituting one unit from 1,000 shares to 100 shares on the effective date of the reverse stock split (October 1, 2016).

About Nichirei Corporation

QWhen was Nichirei established?
ABased on the Fisheries Control Ordinance promulgated on May 19, 1942, 18 companies, mainly fisheries companies, have invested (capital) as a central control body for the sale of marine products associated with marine fisheries, ice making and refrigeration. Teikoku Marine Products Control Company was established on December 24 of the same year with a capital of ¥50 million.
Subsequently, after the abolition of the Fisheries Control Ordinance on November 30, 1945, on December 1, 1945, the Company was reorganized into a joint-stock company under the old Commercial Code and the Company name was changed to Nippon Reizo. In February 1985, the Company name was changed to Nichirei Corporation.
History, from the establishment of the Company to the present, is introduced along with the history of Japanese food.
QWhen did Nichirei list its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
AMay 1949. Shares were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with the reopening of the stock exchange.
QWhat kind of company is Nichirei?
AThank you for your interest in Nichirei.
The Nichirei Group, which is managed by the holding company Nichirei Corporation, develops businesses including Marine, Meat and Poultry Products, Bioscience and Real Estate, with a focus on Processed Foods and Logistics.
Please see Nichirei’s Strengths. for a summary outlining the Group in an easily understandable manner.

About Inquiries

QWhere do I direct IR-related inquiries?
APlease submit inquiries to email address located on the following page.