Nichirei Email Service

Introducing the Nichirei financial information delivery email service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost anything to subscribe to the Nichirei email service?


The Nichirei email service is free of charge. However, to receive these emails, users are responsible for costs associated with internet service provider fees and data plan rates.


Although I subscribed, why did I not receive an email confirming my subscription?


You may not have received an email confirming your subscription for several reasons, such as failing to complete all steps in the subscription process, or incorrectly entering your email address. Please repeat the subscription process. In the event that you still do not receive a subscription confirmation email after repeating the subscription process, please inquire using the following contact form and we will confirm whether or not you have subscribed.


I cannot change my email address or other subscription details.


Unfortunately, our current subscription system does not allow email address or other changes. Please unsubscribe, then create a new subscription.


Do you resend archived information?


Unfortunately, we do not resend archived information.


Why is there a file attached to the email I received?


We do not attach any files to the messages sent through the Nichirei email service. Please delete the email you received immediately due to the risk of it having been infected by a computer virus or malware.