Inspection Systems

 Group Approach to Inspections

The Nichirei Group utilizes inspections and analyses as a means of quickly responding to consumer safety demands.
Thus far, when problems involving foreign substances or residual pesticides have arisen, Nichirei quickly established the Head Office Laboratory and the Jinzhu (Yantai) Food Research and Development Co., Ltd., in an effort to enable the implementation of required analyses in the most appropriate locations.

In order to prevent hygiene problems and maintain standard values for pesticides, daily hygiene management and HACCP management are implemented in factory inspection rooms at each Group company, while at the Nichirei Food Safety Center, various inspections and measures are also conducted to verify the management of these issues.
Further, in an effort to prevent the spread of trouble when it occurs, analyses are conducted to investigate the origin of foreign substances and cause of offensive odors, leading to the rapid resolution of problems.