Head Office Laboratory

Role of Head Office Laboratory

In response to the frequent incidence of foreign substance contamination and the increased complaints, Nichirei established the Head Office Laboratory. Specializing in foreign substance analysis, it is located in the Head Office building in Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
We set up a system enabling the Head Office to conduct foreign substance analyses that, up to now, could only be done at the Food Safety Center in Mihama-ku, Chiba City.
By shortening the amount of time from the receipt of foreign substances to the start of analysis, it is possible to respond to customer concerns more quickly, making it easier to prevent the spread of contamination.
Further, we can now exchange production information and other data while looking directly at actual products with the person in charge of them, making use of accurate analysis results to investigate causes and quickly solve problems.

In addition, the Head Office Laboratory serves as a point of contact for the Food Safety Center in addressing such issues as discoloration, conducting advance consultations regarding odor analysis requests, and tackling other matters of concern.

Digital microscope
Photography, magnified observations, microscopic observations

Infrared absorption analyzer
Confirms resin and film materials

X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Confirms metal compositions