Nichirei Logistics Group: Temperature-controlled Logistics Business

The Group has logistics bases throughout Japan and a nationwide transportation and delivery network that provides integrated, high-quality, temperature-controlled logistics services, from product storage to delivery.

To maintain and improve the quality of its services, in addition to its thorough temperature controls the Nichirei Logistics Group engages in a variety of efforts. These include upgrading the forklift operation technologies used in warehouse operations, as well as education for transport and delivery drivers.

Forklift Skills competition

Safety and Quality Training Center

Skills competitions for truck drivers

Storage Business

The Company’s nationwide distribution centers are equipped with the nation’s top temperature-controlled distribution infrastructure and function to meet all customer needs.
Temperatures in refrigerated warehouses are controlled automatically to optimize storage conditions for the products handled by the Logistics Group.

Transport and Delivery

From shipment origin to delivery destination, products are transported under appropriately controlled temperatures in accordance with customer specifications.
The impact of temperature fluctuations on products is minimized to the extent possible through speedy operations and integrated product management.
The Nichirei Logistics Group aims to reduce environmental impact and improve safety by promoting green management certification and modal shifts, the introduction of in-vehicle systems, safe-driver training, and the promotion of eco-driving.

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Reflective stickers

Eco-friendly natural gas vehicle