Nichirei Fresh: Marine, Meat, and Poultry Products Business

The Company is engaged in the procurement and sale of marine, meat, and poultry products. Leveraging global procurement capabilities, Nichirei Fresh promotes the development of premium products based on the key concepts of freshness, deliciousness, safety, security, health, and eco-friendliness.

Items certified as premium products are selected on the basis of whether the market considers them to be better than other generally available products and those of other companies.
Nichirei Fresh establishes monitoring criteria appropriate for each product, collects substantiating data on each, and applies production processing standards across the board.

Premium Products

Raised in Japan, our 100% domestically produced chicken meat is characterized by a flavor carefully cultivated by Japanese farmers over many years.
The flavor of the chicken, both as food and as an ingredient, has been highly evaluated in Japan and abroad.

December 2020: Junwakei chicken thighs win Grand Prix at Japan Food SELECTION.

December 2021: Junwakei is the first domestically produced chicken to be awarded three stars and granted the Superior Taste Award by the Brussels-based International Taste Institute. Breast meat was submitted for evaluation.

Domestic Chicken Rated for Sustainability

Junwakei chicken is raised under a strict program at Hirono Facility. Monitoring is strict, from the time chicks are selected for raising to the management of poultry farming records and the administration of vaccinations and other medications.
Unlike in the case of generally distributed chicken meat, this monitoring makes it possible to trace the history of the meat according to individual product lots.
Further, the farm ensures that with the appropriate management of its Junwakei-raising environment, only safe, secure chicken meat is delivered to consumers.
As an SDG-related initiative, the business model delivering Junwakei meat to consumers has resulted in the first domestic chicken meat to acquire Tokushoku JAS certification for sustainability.