Message from the President

Creating Savory Moments

We started business in 1945 as Nippon Reizo Inc. In 1985, the name was changed to Nichirei Corporation, and in 2005 we transitioned to a holding company structure.

We are involved in the following four areas of commerce:

  • Production of processed foods, represented by frozen foods
  • Temperature-controlled logistics, responsible for the social infrastructure of delivering food safely
  • Handling marine, meat, and poultry products, carefully selected from around the world
  • Developing a bioscience business, with a focus on diagnostics for medical treatments
  • In the meantime, we continue to provide food and support the health of our customers.

We believe that our Group mission—Focus on Lifestyles, and Provide True Satisfaction—will remain unchanged, since it accurately reflects a world need. We also believe that it is our mission and the meaning of our existence to firmly maintain this philosophy, accurately grasping the needs of the world, and continuing to provide valuable products and services that satisfy our customers.

With the global environment undergoing rapid change, there is a need to address social issues such as the effective use of food resources, the response to climate change, and the approach to infectious diseases. Thus, a flexible response to change and the resolving of problems should help Nichirei maintain social and economic value.

Based on our desire expressed in our brand slogan—Creating Savory Moments—, we will continue to create and make available new value in food and health, with a view to being in business for the coming 100 years.

Kenya Okushi

Representative Director, President&Chief Executive Officer
Nichirei Corporation