Nichirei Fresh Inc. (Marine Products, Meat and Poultry Business)

Nichirei Fresh Inc. (Marine Products, Meat and Poultry Business)


To create value through marine, meat, and poultry products that support life and health.


Through our efforts to distinguish ourselves from competitors in the area of premium products, designed bearing in mind the need for sustainability, we will win the trust of our customers by delivering optimal products that meet their needs.

Business Overview

Nichirei Fresh is utilizing its global procurement and development capabilities to pursue business development centered on providing ingredients for marine, meat and poultry products. This enables us to ensure that we produce and sell marine, meat and poultry products that will satisfy even our most particular customers.
Further, through the development of premium products, we are working to build a sustainable supply chain based on our original six commitments,* as well as strong, long-term partnerships with local suppliers.
Well aware of issues related to natural resources, the environment and sustainable societies, we are providing safe food while striving to create better value for consumers.
* Freshness, deliciousness, safety, security, health and eco-friendliness.


The value we provide as an intermediary links manufacturers around the world with markets. We offer:

  • Strong, long-term partnerships with suppliers and buyers
  • An original premium product production system resulting from manufacturing and processing facilities
  • Technological strength and fast product development capabilities, enabling us to cater to several processing levels
  • Human resources with advanced expertise and experience

Mainstay Products

Company Profile

Manufacture and sale of marine, meat and poultry products and the processed products derived from them
Head Office
Nichirei Higashi-Ginza Building
6-19-20 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8402 Japan
TEL (+81-3)3248-2204
Director, President
Wataru Tanabe
Established January 5, 2005
Net sales
154.8 billion yen (fiscal year ended March 31, 2023)
Food Production Factories 8 factories (7 in Japan, 1 overseas)
Marine Products: 2 companies in Japan, 6 companies overseas
Meat and Poultry: 5 companies in Japan
Marine Products: 764 persons (227 in Japan, 537 overseas) ( as of March 31, 2023)
Meat and Poultry: 400 persons in Japan (as of March 31, 2023)
Main Production Facilities Marine Products: Fresh Maruichi Inc., Trans Pacific Seafood Co., LTD
Meat and Poultry: Fresh Chicken Karumai Inc., Nichirei Fresh Process Inc.