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Each employee should have a command of data technology to continue providing new value for the Earth and its people.

Nichirei Group’s Vision for 2030.To realize that vision, DX is indispensable.
Representative Director,
President & CEO


In 2021, we formulated the DX Strategy linked to the Nichirei Group Material Matters(five priority agenda items).
We have established departments in charge of DX promotion at Nichirei Corporation, the Group holding company, and each of its operating businesses, and are implementing DX strategies in cooperation with management and employees, while pursuing collaboration both inside and outside the Group.
Based on the understanding that the most important factor for DX promotion is people, we encourage DX education for all our employees and focus on developing leaders who will lead the Group’s DX initiatives.
DX InitiativesDX Initiatives
We are implementing several initiatives to promote DX in the Nichirei Group.
On November 1, 2023, Nichirei Corporation was declared a DX Certified Company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
The DX Certification System is one under which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certifies Companies that are ready to promote DX through the formulation of a vision and the development of strategies and systems.
The Nichirei Group will use the DX certification as an opportunity to further promote DX and realize its "Vision for 2030."