We cooperate with other companies in various fields through our participation in conferences organized by industry organizations. In addition, we cooperate and collaborate with NGOs and NPOs in Japan, with the aim of resolving social issues.

In regions where we have workplaces, we seek to build positive relations with local communities in order to maintain smooth business operations as a trusted and respected company.

Industry Organizations
Main Membership Organizations
Initiatives with Communities

The Nichirei Group seeks to build positive relations with local communities wherever it does business.

  • Wrap advertising on public transportation

    We use wrap advertising on local public transportation in regions throughout Japan in which the Nichirei Group has business sites. By tailoring the designs to each region, we are building a good reputation among local residents and employees alike.

  • Designation as a tsunami evacuation site

    Nichirei’s Nagoya Minato Distribution Center is designated as an evacuation site for residents of the surrounding neighborhood in the event of a tsunami.

  • At each of our business sites, we offer visitor tours and actively support and participate in community events.

These initiatives are outlined on the websites of operating companies and in investor relations materials.