Sustainable Procurement Policy

To fulfill the Nichirei Management Principles and meet the expectations of stakeholders, the Nichirei Group conducts its business activities with economic, environmental and social considerations under the Nichirei Group Sustainability Policy. In addition, we will widely publicize these activities to deepen understanding and dialogue. As part of these efforts, the Nichirei Group aims to realize fair, impartial and sustainable procurement in line with this procurement policy.

In view of the economic, social and environmental impacts of supply chains involving the Nichirei Group’s operating companies, we request our suppliers to operate their businesses based on the Nichirei Group Supplier Code of Conduct. The successful implementation of this initiative will enable the Nichirei Group to build constructive relationships with suppliers and to enhance the corporate value of both parties while contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

“Suppliers” refers to companies from which the Nichirei Group procures raw materials and products, companies to which we outsource manufacturing, and partner companies to which we outsource logistics services such as transportation and freight handling.

Legal Compliance and Ethical Behavior

Legal Compliance

  • We comply with the laws and regulations of applicable countries or regions.
  • We respect international standards of conduct and local social norms.
  • We do not participate in bribery or corrupt practices.
  • We do not engage in transactions with antisocial forces.

Fair, Impartial and Honest Transactions

  • We do not participate in anticompetitive transactions.
  • We prohibit any harassment of people related to suppliers.
  • We do not force suppliers to purchase the Nichirei Group’s products or services.
  • If we have relatives or close associates who are involved in the management of a supplier, we take appropriate procedures to avoid any conflict of interest.

Elimination of Improper Benefits

  • We prohibit giving or accepting benefits, including gifts and entertainment, from suppliers.
  • We prohibit trading of private equity of suppliers and trading of stocks based on insider information.

Information Management

  • We ensure that the intellectual property, confidential information and personal information of suppliers is protected.

Consideration of Sustainability

Human Rights and Labor

  • We respect the human rights of people throughout our supply chain, including workers and local residents.
  • We endeavor to secure safe and healthy work environments.


  • We strive to reduce the environmental burden throughout the lifecycle of products and services.


  • We give consideration to conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of bio-resources.

Animal Welfare

  • We give consideration to animal welfare.

Local Communities

  • We strive for harmonious coexistence with local communities as a member of society.

Stable and Efficient Procurement

Price and Delivery Date

  • We make procurements at appropriate prices and with appropriate delivery dates.

Quality and Safety

  • We strive to ensure the quality and safety of our products and services.


  • We promote digitalization of procurement activities to achieve efficient procurement.


  • We endeavor to establish traceability for the items we procure.

Business Continuity

  • We formulate and implement business continuity plans to prepare for adverse events such as large-scale natural disasters, terrorism, riots, infectious disease outbreaks, and accidents.

Crisis Management

  • If an event occurs in the supply chain that raises the risk of deviation from this procurement policy, we work to quickly resolve the problem and take thorough measures to prevent a recurrence. In addition, we operate a relevant grievance mechanism.