Fundamental Policies

For the Nichirei Group, employees are regarded as irreplaceable, and so they are referred to as human assets-rather than human resources. While each Group company implements human asset initiatives suited to their respective lines of businesses, there are two Group-wide committees: the Group Human Assets Committee, and Diversity Promotion Committee. These are responsible for continually enhancing Group workplaces and, accordingly, they hold conferences on promoting diversity and devising human asset strategies that contribute to boosting group-wide productivity and ensuring sustainable growth.

At the conferences, participants exchange opinions about initiatives, share information, and confirm related progress. Each group company is working to create dynamic workplaces based on the Group's fundamental policies.

1. The Nichirei Pledge: Continually enhance our workplaces

The Nichirei Group believes that our employees are the source of corporate development, and we hope that the work given to each employee is fulfilling and provides an opportunity for self-actualization. Simultaneously, we respect the dignity of each individual, the expression of their personality, and their right to a full personal life.

  • (1) Provision of opportunities for the development and manifestation of skills.
  • (2) Implementation of a reward system based on ability, effort, and results.
  • (3) Creation of a workplace environment that is safe and well-ventilated.
  • (4) Prevention of discrimination based on gender, age, education, race, or religion, and the provision of equal opportunity.

2. Fundamental Policies for Workplace Improvement

Employee-focused workplace environment
Based on our fundamental principle that improvement in customer satisfaction (CS) and employee satisfaction (ES) are the two pillars that support the company, we maintain a workplace environment where all employees in the Nichirei Group can take pride in their work and workplace; work with ambition through a relationship with superiors based on trust; and fully exercise their abilities.
Promotion of diversity
We promote diversity first, by acknowledging different attributes, such as gender, age, and nationality, as well as values. Second, we promote it by changing simple tolerance of new ideas and values that differ from conventional ones into a force driving the company's evolution to acquire a work force (human assets), improve the job and life goals of employees, and create new concepts and values.

3. The Nichirei Group Workplace Improvement Policy

The Nichirei Group aims to incorporate and draw on diverse values and ideas, make its organizations more dynamic, and raising productivity. In 2017, the Group established The Nichirei Group Workplace Improvement Policy and set goals based on the policy for each operating company, and we are working to achieve them by FY2022.

Nichirei Group Workplace Improvement Policy
Enable diverse working styles Provide working condition options Employees shall have a certain degree of freedom to choose their workplace and working hours, to suit personal circumstances. Systems to maintain these conditions are to be put in place.
Set up systems to prevent disruption of employee careers Systems are to be established to prevent employees' careers from being disrupted or ended because of such circumstances as childbirth, childcare, nursing care, poor health, relocation of a spouse, or disease.
Prevent excessive working hours Through collaborative labor and management initiatives for workplace improvement, working hours shall be limited to levels that allow each employee to demonstrate their ability and perform satisfying work in good health.
Ensure equal opportunity Promote the advancement of female employees Female employees shall be given the same opportunities as their male peers, and offered necessary training in recognition of their value to the Nichirei Group.
Provide stimulating employment opportunities for people with disabilities Job positions and employment opportunities for people with disabilities shall be created to allow them to earn a living through stimulating work, with a vision to ultimately eliminate the distinction between people with or without disabilities in society.
Create employment opportunities for older people As people live longer, healthy lives, opportunities shall be created to allow older people to play an active role in the workplace by drawing on their particular skills bearing in mind individual working styles and values.