Our approach to safety and security

The Nichirei Group has a fundamental policy for quality assurance.

The Nichirei Group has put in place a fundamental policy for quality assurance, based on the Group’s business management philosophy. Our goals are to ensure the quality and safety of all Nichirei Group products and services—so that they will not be hazardous to the health of our consumers—as well as to maintain and improve the standards of quality management, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.

Following incidents of food intentionally having been tainted with foreign substances, we have adopted a protective approach in our food hygiene practices and amended relevant policies. We now have in place a system that would enable us quickly to put out accurate information in the event of a health-threatening incident.

In order to verify and evaluate the valid functioning of our approach, we employ internal quality management system audits and factory quality inspections. If a problem is discovered, we put into motion a PDCA cycle, which encourages rectification of any difficulties and works to achieve even greater improvement.

Fundamental Policies on Quality Assurance

  1. Compliance with the requirements of laws governing food products.
  2. Recognizing the needs of customers and partners regarding food safety and security, and working to better the Group’s quality management and assurance.
  3. Applying the concepts of food defense, safety and crisis management, to prevent Group products from threatening the health of customers.

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