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Logistics: Overseas: Strengths and Measures

Business expansion based on high quality logistics

Responding squarely to the decline in the European economy, Nichirei is working to expand its business base on the strength of high-quality distribution services.

Spotlight on Nichirei Logistics Companies Overseas

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Capacity: 147,900 tonnes (from 2011 business report)
Strengths: HIWA provides solutions for front-end production processes at beverage companies, such as quality testing and blending. As a specialized provider of distribution services for fruit juice, the company handles 25% of all fruit juice imported to Europe.
Thermotraffic B.V. (Temperature-Controlled Forwarding Services)
Location: Bases across Europe, centered on Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium
Capacity: 550 vehicles
Strengths: Thermotraffic B.V. is the largest temperature-controlled freight forwarder in the Netherlands, covering all of Europe. The company provides a one-stop solution for exporters to the EU, including customs clearance, storage, and delivery. It is particularly strong in customs clearance for meat and poultry products.
One-stop service including customs clearance, storage, and delivery

Comprehensive service including customs clearing, storage and transportation