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Logistics: Logistics Network: Strengths and Measures

Differentiation in offering capabilities and expertise

Nichirei integrates the different aspects of logistics, such as transport, storage, preparation, and delivery, as a single process, providing solution services for overall optimization.

3PL Solutions

In recent years, clients have begun calling on 3PL providers to offer solutions that not only reduce costs, but also improve logistics quality and reduce environmental loads. The Nichirei Logistics Group makes a comprehensive analysis and plan for the entire logistics process, achieving delivery cost reductions and distribution quality improvements that would not be possible by only optimizing individual components.

Solution Example

Combined utilization of the distribution networks established by several logistics companies allows for reductions in the number of vehicles, travel distance, and delivery cost.

Transfer Center Solutions

Nichirei has established a cold chain distribution system suited to the needs of many business categories, including daily delivery services, supermarkets, general merchandise stores, convenience stores, and the food service industry. We make this network available to clients through our Transfer Centers, allowing for reductions in previously vague distribution costs, and optimizing the supply chain overall.