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Processed Foods: Commercial Use Prepared Foods: Operating Environment and Background

Expansion in the Home Meal Replacement (HMR) industry

The market for commercial use prepared foods had mostly leveled off, but is beginning to recover moderately.

Market Trends for Commercial Use Prepared Frozen Foods (Portion produced in Japan)

Restaurant dining is declining, but the HMR industry has grown steadily with changes in lifestyles.

Market Trends in the Foodservice Industry

About HMR
Between dining out and home cooking, home meal replacement (HMR) refers to prepared foods, such as ready-to-eat items, boxed meals, or filled bread, purchased at supermarkets or other retail outlets and eaten at home. The HMR market is expanding steadily as a result of social changes such as more nuclear families, trends toward dining alone, and simpler meal preparation, as well as the lower cost compared to restaurant dining.
Source: Website of the Information Service Center for Food and Foodways