Management Principles


Focus on Lifestyles, and Provide True Satisfaction


We will continue to support good eating habits and health by leveraging our state-of-the-art manufacturing practices that optimize nature’s bounty, along with our leading-edge logistics services.


Guiding Principles

1. Prioritize customers, safety, and quality

The cornerstone of our business activities involves putting customers first and earning their long-lasting trust by ensuring safe, high-quality products and services, and safety at every stage of our operations.


2. Ethical operations

We are committed to ensuring fair competition. Unethical practices make it difficult to do business and can threaten the Group’s existence, given the time needed to regain trust once it has been lost.


3. Transparent management

Our operations are transparent and we are beholden to our stakeholders to accurately and impartially disclose management-related information in order to enhance our corporate value and continue to earn stakeholders’ trust.


4. Sustainable communities

As a food- and health-related enterprise, we strive to help communities deal with issues they face by understanding their members’ livelihoods and future prospects.

We aim to make communities more sustainable by ensuring our business initiatives reflect their economic, social, and environmental situation.


5. Value creation

We will continue to create new value by drawing from our open, innovative organizational culture and business practices.