Handling of Personal Information on this website

Handling of Personal information on this website

We take the utmost care to guard the personal information of visitors to this web site (including all pages whose URL includes www.nichirei.co.jp), based on the Nichirei Group Privacy Policy.
Our thinking regarding the handling of personal information collected through this site is as follows.

(1) Range of use

Our web site privacy policy applies when a visitor uses a service through this web site. Personal information that was collected when a visitor used a Nichirei service is managed according to the Nichirei Group Privacy Policy.
The web site privacy policy does not apply to people or companies who are not directly related to this site.

(2) Collection and use of information

In the course of a visit to this site, Nichirei may ask for a visitor's e-mail address or other personal information, but we will only ask for information necessary for using services provided by the web site.
Depending on the type of service that is used, we may ask for more specific personal information.
Information such as the visitor's IP address, cookie information, and which pages were viewed are automatically collected from the visitor's browser and recorded on our server, but do not identify individual users.

Nichirei Group uses such information for the following four purposes:

  • Further improvement of products or online services
  • Sending of products, catalogs, or informational publications
  • Informing customers of new services or products
  • Customization of information viewed by the customer to make it more easily understandable

(3) Security

This site makes use of digital IDs issued by GMO GlobalSign K.K. in order to protect visitors' personal information. On personal information entry pages, we offer SSL encrypted communication. In order to make use of pages with SSL encryption (pages whose URL begins with https://), please set your browser to enable use of SSL.
Note: Instructions for enabling use of SSL vary depending on the browser used.

(4) Changes to this policy

In the future, there may be changes to all or part of this web site's handling of personal information. If there are important changes, we will notify visitors through the web site in a way that is easy to understand.