Hiring and Promotion of Human Assets

1. Impartial hiring opportunities

The Nichirei Group has fair hiring practices based on suitability and ability, not individual attributes.

We release recruiting essentials and all other information on our website, accept a wide variety of applications, and impartially select new graduates.

For many year we have been offering post-retirement work opportunities, and in 2002 we established the Senior Staff System. In 2006, in accordance with the revised Elderly Employment Stabilization Act, we transitioned to the New Senior Staff System, which makes possible post-retirement re-hiring. There are currently over 100 senior staff working at Nichirei Group.

In addition, we are also hiring of foreign residents.

2. Human asset development

The Nichirei Group places the CEO of each member company in charge of building an optimal human asset development system (education system/career development) for their company.