Initiatives in logistics and factories

Reduction of NOx, SOx, and PM emissions

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx) are produced when fuel oil and gas are burned in food factory boilers. Through proper facility management at our factories, we are complying with emissions standards stipulated by law and aiming for an overall reduction in emissions volume.
The Nichirei Logistics Group is promoting increased logistical efficiency through joint shipping and modal shifts making use of railways and ferries. We are making progress on the reduction of NOx and particulate matter (PM) emissions by using exhaust regulation-compliant vehicles, conducting proper vehicle maintenance, and promoting such initiatives as eco-driving.

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Green Power Certification


In addition to using solar energy-generation equipment at factories and cold storage facilities, Nichirei is purchasing Green Power Certificates*. Since January 2007 we have consumed 1 million kWh of biomass electricity, including that used in the printing and binding of this CSR report (700 kWh).

The Green Power Certification System is one whereby environmental added value-such as reduced CO2 emissions resulting from the use of electricity generated using natural energy-is turned into a tradable commodity, so that even locations far from power stations are deemed to be using electricity (offset) derived from natural energy.

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Initiatives in cold storage facilities and logistics centers

Initiatives in manufacturing and processing facilities