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Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member | Kiyoshi Asahina

Kiyoshi Asahina
  • Career Summary

    • April 1978

      Joined Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (currently Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

    • May 1994

      Planning Manager, Vegetable Supply Stabilization Fund

    • May 1997

      Counselor, Embassy of Japan in the UK

    • January 2001

      Counselor, Cabinet Secretariat (to Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary)

    • July 2003

      Director of Administration Division, Forest Policy Planning Department, Forestry Agency

    • July 2004

      Director-General, Cooperatives Inspection Department, Minister’s Secretariat

    • April 2008

      Director-General, Kinki-Chugoku Regional Forest Office

    • April 2010

      Auditor, Fisheries Research Agency

    • June 2014

      Advisor, International Business Division, Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Book

    • June 2020

      Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member (to the present)