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Principle and Protocol

-For Mouse Tissue Sections

-Histofine® MOUSESTAIN KIT uses Universal Immuno-enzyme Polymer (UIP) method. This is our patented technology.
-Histofine® MOUSESTAIN KIT is the mouse on mouse system. It is designed specifically to allow
immunohistochemical staining with a mouse primary antibody on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded mouse tissue sections. This kit consists of Blocking reagent A, Blocking reagent B, and Simple Stain Mouse Max PO (M) which is the labeled polymer prepared by combining amino acid polymer with peroxidase and goat anti-mouse Ig which is reduced to Fab’ . To eliminate background staining, this kit uses Blocking reagent A and Blocking reagent B.
Principle & Procedure  

1. No reaction to endogenous mouse immunoglobulin in the tissue.
2. High sensitivity (more).
3. Unaffected by endogenous biotin in the tissue (more).
4. Ready to use.
Staining Result
- Mouse anti-PCNA antibody(clone:PC10)

Mouse colon stained with –Histofine® MOUSESTAIN KIT and DAB chromogen.
Note nuclear staining of Epithelium cells.
- Mouse anti-Muscle Actin antibody(clone:HHF35)

Mouse colon stained with –Histofine® MOUSESTAIN KIT and DAB chromogen.
Note intense staining of smooth muscle and muscularis propria in lamina propria mucosae.
Product   Detection system.  
Product Name Slides Code For use with
-Histofine® MOUSESTAIN KIT 50 414321F Mouse
primary antibody
500 414322F
50 slides  : 6mL each of all components.
500 slides: 51mL (3x17mL) each of all components.

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