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Principle and Protocol

-For Human Tissue Sections

The immunohistochemical staining system called Universal Immuno-enzyme Polymer (UIP) method was developed. This is our patented technology.
-Histofine® Simple Stain AP is a detection reagent designed specifically to allow immunohistochemical staining on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human tissue sections. It is the labeled polymer prepared by combining amino acid polymer with alkaline phosphatase (AP) and secondary antibody which is reduced to Fab' fragment. To eliminate background staining, solid-phase absorption of secondary antibody is carried out with human serum.
Principle & Procedure
1. Simplified staining steps (more).
2. High sensitivity (more).
3. Unaffected by endogenous biotin in the tissue (more).
4. Ready to use.
Staining Result
- Mouse anti-Muscle Actin antibody (clone:HHF35)

Human stomach staind with -Histofine® Simple Stain AP (M) and New fuchsin chromogen.
Note intense staining of smooth muscle in the walls of blood vessel and muscularis mucosae.
- Rabbit anti-S-100 protein antibody

Human colon staind with -Histofine® Simple Stain AP (R) and New fuchsin chromogen.
Note cyroplasmic staining of nerve cells scattered in smooth muscle and Auerbach's plexus.
Product   Detection systems.
Product Name Slides Volume Code For use with
-Histofine® Simple StainTM AP (MULTI) 170 1x17ml 414261F Mouse and rabbit
primary antibodies
500 3x17ml 414262F
-Histofine® Simple StainTM AP (M) 170 1x17ml 414241F Mouse
primary antibody
500 3x17ml 414242F
-Histofine® Simple StainTM AP (R) 170 1x17ml 414251F Rabbit
primary antibody
500 3x17ml 414252F

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