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About us

Nichirei Corporation had started bioscience business as a manufacture of Anti-Leukocytes Monoclonal antibodies (CD Antibodies) in 1983.
Nichirei Biosciences Inc. (hereinafter called "Nichirei Bio") was reorganized on April 1,2005 succeeding Nichirei's bioscience business adopting the holding company system by its parent company, Nichirei Corporation. Nichirei Bio's mission is to contribute to the development of the global Bio-industries including medical, cosmetic and healthcare business as a specialized company by offering high-quality products and services based on its advanced technology

Nichirei Bio's business field
1. IHC (Immunohistochemistry) products (-Histofine®)
  Nichirei Bio has developed and improved the state-of-the-art technology called UIP(Universal Immuo-enzyme Polymer)method. Nichirei Bio manufactures and supplies -Histofine® products including CE marked products utilizing the UIP technology overseas. Also,Nichirei Bio manufactures and supplies several IVD products for IHC domestically.
2. Diagnostic products (EIA and Lateral Flow Assay kits)
  Nichirei Bio develops, manufactures and distributes several IVD products immuno-reaction applied, especially POC (Point of Care) for rapid diagnostics domestically.

3. Cell-biology products
  Nichirei Bio provides animal sera and media related to cell culture to the customers both in the academic and industrial field domestically.
4. Functional Materials
  Nichirei Bio develops functional materials (powder and extract) from natural raw materials such as Acerola fruit procured by consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates of the Nichirei group. Nichirei Bio supplies such materials to cosmetics and health food manufacturers domestically.
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