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  • To Our Shareholders and Investors

To Our Shareholders and Investors

Toshiaki Murai Representative Director and Chairman Kunio Otani Representative Director and  President

Nichirei adapts to the changing times and ensures sustainable growth consistent with our corporate mission of “Focus on Lifestyles and Provide True Satisfaction.”

The Nichirei Group was founded in the immediate postwar era as a marine products trading and ice production refrigerated warehouse business. During our 70 years in operation, we have developed new business models to fit the changing times, and achieved sustainable growth.

We believe this is simply the result of each and every employee conducting business with a determination to better the lives of everyone by offering products and services related to food, consistent with our corporate mission to “Focus on Lifestyles and Provide True Satisfaction.”

The business climate in Japan continues to undergo fast-moving change. The social structure is being transformed by the declining population and rapid aging of society, but rather than looking at these as negative factors, the issue for us is how to turn them into opportunities for growth. In a borderless world, we need to strengthen our supply chain from a global perspective in order to ensure strict quality control for imported products. Considering that population movements are becoming more intense with globalization, and the advances in the utilization of information and communication technologies that have brought about a “logistics revolution” changing the structure of the industry, it is important for us to have a comprehensive view of the market rather than just looking at its individual aspects, and to develop our business by making appropriate use of the corporate group’s management resources.

The new medium-term business plan launched in April this year focuses on these changes in the business environment, and was formulated following extensive discussions aimed at achieving the management goals of each group company, in order to meet the expectations of stakeholders for the sustainable growth of the Nichirei Group.

Even while the business climate is changing in ways that we have never experienced before, we will approach our customers with the sincerity at the heart of our corporate mission to “provide true satisfaction,” and find the answers ourselves.

Each and every member of the Nichirei Group, by challenging themselves to meet ambitious goals, will bring together effort and creativity, making steady progress toward sustainable growth in order to achieve the goals of the medium-term business plan. Thank you for your continued support of Nichirei.

July 2016

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